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One Piece Card Game: Kingdoms of Intrigue (OP4) Booster Box includes:

  • 24 Booster Packs, each pack contains 12 cards
  • 1 box topper
  • Contains 124+1 card types total: 6 Leader Cards, 45 Commons, 30 Uncommons, 26 Rares, 10 Super Rares, 2 Secret Rares, 5 Special Cards, 1 Don!
  • Booster Packs can also include alternative art and parallel design cards from the above types. (cards are randomly selected and you may receive identical cards in a pack)

  • Features new themed Alt Art cards introduced in the previous product release

  • English version

One Piece Card Game: Kingdoms of Intrigue (OP4) Booster Box

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  • The fierce battles of Alabasta and Dressrosa come to life! This set centers on the Alabasta and Dressrosa Arcs, long considered by fans to be thematically connected. Both arcs are extremely popular, making this set attractive to fans of the series who are yet to purchase card products.

    Enhancements for 2 August Decks and New Characters! Many popular characters from the Alabasta and Dressrosa Arcs appear for the first time in this pack! Enhancement cards for 2 decks (Monkey.D.Luffy & Yamato Decks) releasing in August are also included as an incentive to purchase.

    Includes Regular Alt-Art Cards and Themed Alt-Art Cards! In addition to the Alt-Art cards that have proved popular in past packs, this pack features the new themed Alt-Art cards introduces in the previous product release. Their designs are unified under a single theme, enhancing the desirability of this product for collectors.

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